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New School Black History is black people's true history. Today our group desire to propagate black people's true history throughout America and the world like it has never been propagated before. With the use of youtube, TV and other mass media outlets, and with an army of people who will act as lobbyists for our message, we desire to tell true black history like it has never been told before. When the Europeans came into power after 1492, they plotted a conspiracy to cover up and falsify the great history of black people. Many black historians sought to fight against the European and white American historians to tell the true history about blacks. Every generation has a mission to build upon the works of the previous generation. Our generation desire to teach black history greater than it has been taught in the past. All our great black historians desired that the next generation teach black history in a greater way to get the message to the masses of black people. We believe we are now living in that time, and we believe we are backed by the powers of truth to make black history better known. We desire to make this movement bigger than the civil rights movement. Black people worldwide have been mistreated because of the world's lack of knowledge of black people's true history. American television has always had a racist policy to just show blacks in Africa, but blacks have been the indigenous aboriginal people of every nation of the world. Black people's civil and human rights have been affected by our true history not being told like the Jewish holocaust was told. We have started a national and worldwide movement called New School Black History, and we desire to make people aware of the great history of black people that is the world's best kept secret. For example, blacks were on American soil when America divided from Africa 40,000 B.C., and then blacks migrated to America thousands of years before any other races came to America, like the Eskimo Mongolians, Columbus and the Europeans, or any other races. Black Africans are the first inhabitants and aboriginal natives of America. Very few people know that black African Moors of the west African Mali Empire founded the Continental United States from 1312 A.D. to 1774 A.D. The black African Moors ruled the world in Spain from 711 A.D. to 1492 A.D., and during that time period the black African Moors transferred their brilliant society of Spain to America in 1312 A.D. In 1774 the European colonists separated from the black African Moors, and the British, and started the United States government based on religious and racial bigotry. Before 4,000 B.C., the world was a place of all black people. Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and all ancient societies were at first societies of all black people. In ancient times, Europeans migrated into ancient black societies, and then ancient black societies went from all black to mulatto to all white. Pre-history means the world before the whiteman(Eurpean)came on the planet earth. The above information and much more, with photographs and documentation, is in the book: BLACK HISTORY IN A NUTSHELL.

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